Our business model


Public Health Innovations is a Business-to-business ideation and consulting company. we are in the business of innovation for public health intervention to prevent diseases that occur in schools, healthcare environments, and from food service (restaurants), retail, and food manufacturing facilities

Our company's business model is to foster business-to-business consultations to prevent diseases and to form partnerships to improve on or develop new market verticals for a clients EXISTING INTELLECTUAL property

We also design and develop our own intellectual property into products that can improve the public health through food safety, prevention of healthcare associated infections (HAI's), and childhood safety in schools  

Our Story


Public health is a science that determines the cause and degree of illness/injury in people,  and then works to develop methods (called interventions) to prevent or reduce them. Normally, priority is placed on the illnesses and injuries that effect the most people.  One example of a public health product that has a long history of successful intervention is the vaccine (preventing millions of avoidable illnesses and death from infectious diseases).  Because government nor academic institutions normally manufacture products necessary to implement the intervention, industry plays a significant role to achieve the end results of public health.  

Many public health issues, for example, foodborne illnesseshealthcare associated infections (HAI's), and school absenteeism due to illness and injury account for a significant burden (cost and lost lives) to the public health.  Although many public health professionals in government, academia, and industry work diligently to perform surveillance, research and development, and product manufacturing to improve the public health, more can be done.

The Corporate Purpose of Public Health Innovations is to facilitate more ideas into effective intervention strategies (products) to help improve the public health.  We have our own ideas (intellectual property) developed via our experience in government, academia, and industry sectors, and we work with others to develop these ideas into products like food safety tools for restaurants, improved disinfectant use in healthcare facilities, and hand hygiene tools in schools. We also perform professional consulting to other businesses that have a desire to move their intellectual property into new products or to modify current products to improve the public health.  

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